2016 has been a challenging year for security. Malicious and ransomeware attacks have almost doubled, shifting focus to business for richer content. We at Advanced Systems strive to make sure that our customers get world-class protection of their data and content; that’s why we work with HP Enterprise and a large number of other security providers in order to make sure our customers face minimum downtime. We make IT personal so that each of our customers can have tailored software and hardware that work round the clock to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.

HPE has released a Cyber Risk Report for 2016 that provides a broad view of the threat landscape, and it provides tips for individual users on how to stay ahead with the challenges of the growing frequency and sophistication of these threats and attacks broken down into 7 major themes.

1. The year of collateral damage
2. Overreaching regulations push research underground
3. Moving from point fixes to broad impact solutions
4. Political pressures attempt to decouple privacy and security efforts
5. The industry didn’t learn anything about patching in 2015
6. Attackers have shifted their efforts to directly attack applications
7. The monetization of malware

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