It’s almost always a must to have a cellphone during your travels. The most economical way to do this is to have your smartphone unlocked before departure to easily insert a SIM card when you arrive in the country. Unlocking a phone simply means that you can insert a SIM card that belongs to any carrier. Since I travel to Africa often, I have a sim card for Africa. As soon as I land, I insert the SIM card and I am connected to the phone, internet, and texting just like if I were at home. I can also forward my calls from my Canada phone to the African number. Your local carrier can unlock the phone or you can call us for details.

If you are traveling to the USA and your Canadian provider does not have a plan, consider Roam Mobility. For $5 a day, you can get text, voice, and data. You can order a SIM card online and load the amount you need. These SIM cards are also available at London Drugs and other retail stores. Below are a couple travel gadgets that will change your travel experience!

– Eric

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Pixel Phone + Google International Data

What does it do?

Eliminates borders when it comes to data roaming. You may have already seen the release of the Google phone this year, which stands as an excellent smartphone: 15-minute charge time, a 12.3 megapixel camera and a lightening-fast operating system. However, it’s the international data plan that will attract travellers. This year, US citizens are able to buy the Google Pixel on any of the data plans, which will work in more than 135 countries. No roaming charges, no extra SIM cards involved. At this point in time, it’s only available to those who have a US mailing address, and 2017 will be the year to watch the reviews of the data coverage from country to country.



What does it do?

Acts as a walkie-talkie add on for your mobile when you have no signal.

Heading abroad with your mum or on a friend’s getaway? Don’t want to pay for mobile data when you’re there? Or maybe you attend a lot of festivals or go hiking, where sometimes you’ll go ‘off-the-grid’? The GoTenna is a plug-in phone device which operates via Bluetooth, so you can send messages even when you’re in a foreign country (or there is no signal). Messages are transmitted via radio waves, so no more getting lost at the airport pick up.

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