When we look back at Windows 8, it is clear that there was much left to be desired. It was a big gamble. It was a big push towards the touch-based platform, and thus made using a computer with a mouse and keyboard rather awkward and confusing. While the tablet interface was indeed a fantastic experience, 98% of the users did not have an interactive touchscreen to utilize the ‘Modern UI’

so in turn, as expected, consumers and businesses were quite hesitant to upgrade and mostly did their very best to stay with Windows 7 and/or XP. This, in turn, made Microsoft rethink their strategy and solve most of the issues with a new version of Windows called Windows 10. By separating tablet mode, they were able to eliminate most of the user gripes and reintroduce the ’Start’ button. You can read more on the benefits and features of Windows 10 by following this link.